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What Drives Us

What Drives Us
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Our Culture

At WestGen Lending, we are committed to provide residential mortgage products and services that satisfy the needs and exceed the expectations of our business partners. Our culture is driven by our Core Values: Above and Beyond, Duty Beyond Self, Pride of Workmanship and Better WAY.


These values are more than just words on our website or an office wall, they are the very fundamental beliefs of our organization and utilized in every long- and short-term strategic decision.  This commitment starts with our talented and diverse work family who dedicate their time and efforts to provide unapparelled service to all our partners to embody the WestGen Difference!

Core Values

Our Core Values

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Above And Beyond

Do it right the first time. Everyone is accountable. We do what needs to be done and deliver rock-star service. Be true. Be clear. Be consistent. Positivity is contagious. We raise the bar. Going above and beyond is what we are all about.

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Better Way

Be the expert and understand the WHY. We are problem solvers. Embracing change is asking - "Why can't it be better?" Then making it so. We believe that the only consistency in our business is change. Evolution is the only option.


Duty Beyond Self

We do what we say we are going to do and own the outcomes. Integrity is doing the right thing when no one is looking. We believe in open and proactive communication, transparency, and treating each other with respect. Honor, selflessness, and having a deep sense of personal responsibility are the foundation of our culture. 

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Pride of Workmanship

Make it happen. We do things the right way. We proactively demand high standards of ourselves and those around us. We take great joy in delivering beyond expectation. The satisfaction is in the accomplishment. We compete with ourselves every day. High levels of accountability create excellence in our team. We are not afraid to get our hands dirty and show initiative. Excellent results are born from teamwork and collaboration.

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